Why Cannabis Users Are Writing This Number On Their Hands and Posting It Online

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The Drug Enforcement Administration decided to downgrade the classification of cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule II last week. The reason that they stated was that science no longer supports that it may be used for medicinal purposes. In the year 1999, the Department of Health and Human Services

The Most Beautiful Mediterranean Beaches From Coves To Islands

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The Mediterranean coast and it stunning beaches is the holiday destination of choice for millions of Britons each year. However, if you would really like to get away from everything, where is the best place to set your beach towel down to enjoy the most impressive stretches of sand?

Albanian Riveria, secrets of Europe

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Albania is home to rugged coastline and some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. Not only that, but it is home to quite a few traditional villages, and it has been about a decade ago since travelers have discovered the country and since then, the untouched beaches

Tv Shqip Live

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Top Channel One of the most watched tv shqip, television stations in Albania where the signal of which extends across Albanian territories and through its platform Digital signal extends across the European continent and throughout the North American continent . It was the first television in Albania which has

20 shocking facts that will blow your mind

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1. The female that has the highest birth rate in the world comes from Ukraine. She has 69 children , of whom only two had died during her childbirth. 2. The most heavy child in the world was born in 1954 by the Italian Carmelina Fdele from Aversa. Her

Albania’s Traditional Foods

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Mediterranean flavors blended together in a unique way appears in Albanian foods. The modern Albanian cuisine has grown from a rich historical past fed by a healthy influx of influences over the past millennia. All throughout Albanian culture, there are many discernable ways in which East meets West, but

The History Of Theth Albania

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Theth was first mentioned in 1485 in a document. The village only had seven houses and eventually the valley’s ownership eventually came under control of the Peja. This was during the Ottoman invasion in the sixteenth century. Today, the district of Shkodra owns it. Ded Nika is a legendary

Get to know the most visited destination in south Albania. Blue Eye review!

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What is the blue eye? Blue eye is an attracted destination place in Albania. After the communist regime over 45 years all tourism destinations in Republic of Albania were reviewed by UNESCO and automatically all travel agencies around the world started to advertise Albania. In this article we have

Orikum And Karaburun: Beach, Sun And The History Of This Part Of Albania!

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Orikum and Karaburun are between the Vlora Bay on East and Ionian Sea on West. Karaburun is 800 m over the sea level. The highest points of it are the Flag Point (826 m) and the one of Cadere (839m). this area has the status “Managed reserve of Nature”

Bogova, The Fabulous Place where Foreign Couples Get Married.

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Bogova is not only a miracle of the nature, with crystal water, delicious food, or famous rakia of Skrapar, but it is also the place where the foreign persons are married. And the main reason is that they are very affected by its beauty, choosing to make this place